In the last days of 2008,Trixy T.H. and Bobby Big Show, decided to bring together their experiences and passion to make the dream of a band real , a dream they'd always had. Rock n' Roll which they had and still have in common,was the main element to start. But no less important, was finding the right missing rockers in a panorama which offered many angry teen-agers and wanker rebels.
It took a long time before the guys found the actual line-up. After a lot of auditions, they were in the dumps due to the lack of somebody who could keep up with them.And maybe it was the same depression that about one year later,on a normal night,spent drinking whisky in a sleazy club,which pushed Trixy and Bobby, annoyed by an insolent,drunk son of a bitch to start to a wild fight which saw all the club get involved.Some minutes later,when everything was over,Trixy saw through the people a face he knew. It was Duke Q.,an old friend who had rocked the stages with him in a band from the past named "HELL Riders". The guys,with Bobby,remembered the years gone by till Trixy decided to talk to Duke about the project born by his teaming up with Bobby.Without hesitation,and so excited Duke proposes himself as voice and guitar of the upcoming band. Trixy and Bobby agreed,sure to have found one of the two pieces to start the party. By the way,just think again about Hell Riders to remember Rob Rolex.Grown up on the Hell Riders,Rob, in Trixy's opinion,could give the songs with no compromises,a particular touch of a raw and wild drumming. Like Duke,Rob joined the band.
Nasty Whores were finally born.

Whores,since the beginning,immediately start to compose their own songs brushing up some of Trixy's ideas and inch by inch creating something new.To see Nasty Whores rock a stage, will take some months yet, when with a series of pyrotechnic shows,the whores set on fire every stage they ride. In Febraury 2012,after a short period in a recording studio,Nasty Whores gave life to their first demo-cd. Get on Your knees comes as a raw and strong hard rock bomb,which with it's 4 hits got great reviews from fans and magazines.The result of much determination and hard work comes together some months later,when in April 2012 the band signs a contract with the Greek label Sleaszy Rider records to produce their 1st full-length album.
So man,what you really have to do now is: tie your mom down,turn on the stereo, turn up the volume as high as you can and let
your neighbors claim against you and Nasty Whores .....
So we know...
They suck!!!!

Duke q
Voice - Guitar

Bobby Big Show

Rob RoleX

Trixy TH
Lead Guitar

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